Hail Damage Roof Repair

Premium Roof Restoration

Hailstorms can be terrifying. Not only is there a serious physical safety threat to people stuck out in a hailstorm, but the storms also inflict significant property damage to cars, homes, and buildings in their paths. Homeowners in Greenville, SC know the impact hailstorms can have. At Sonny’s Roofing and Construction, we work with homeowners to make restoration after a storm as easy as possible. We’re a local hail damage roof repair company committed to helping you after the storm. We can spot damage caused by hail and restore your roof to great shape. Our team of experienced roofing technicians has worked in the area for years, and we know what it takes to take care of your roof!

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Expert Hail Damage Roof Repair

The best roof hail damage repair takes a comprehensive approach to your roof. Not only do we replace and repair shingles on your roof, but we go deeper to address any other issues that may be caused by a hailstorm. Sometimes issues caused by hailstorms can lead to leaks and holes that develop months or even years down the road. Stop damage from occurring by getting comprehensive roof repairs.

When you call Sonny’s Roofing and Construction, we’ll dispatch a team to your home to inspect your roof and assess its condition. Once we understand the impact of the hailstorm on your roof, we’ll talk to you about different repair options. We’re a local service, so we will work closely with you on a custom plan to do what’s right for your roof. We can accommodate your schedule and can deliver on your timeline and in your budget. We’ll do what it takes to set your roof up for the long-term.

Helping with Roof Insurance Claims

Many of our clients choose to work with their insurance providers on hail damage repair. While homeowner’s insurance is a great thing to have, dealing with providers can be a complex and frustrating process. After all, their business model is built on not having to pay a lot of claims each year. We know what it takes to gather pictures and other evidence to get your claim approved quickly. We can even work directly with your insurance provider to remove that stress and make things happen faster for you.
Sonny’s Roofing and Construction has supported homes and other properties in the greater Greenville, SC area with expert roof hail damage repair for years. Our team knows its way around every type of roof and will be able to restore your roof. We can talk to you about what your options are and how it will affect things like your property value, long-term roof stability, and costs over the life of your roof.

Make your roof last longer and work better with the team at Sonny’s Roofing and Construction. We’re confident we have the solutions you need and will do what it takes to be your long-term roofing service provider.

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