Although written over 200 years ago, the famous quotation written by Benjamin Franklin in a 1789 is as true today as it was then:

“Nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.”

We at iINVENTORYpro are on an mission to remind you that the task of preparing for your passing to the “hereafter”, always easy to push to the side until “later”,  is not only well worth your time and effort, it is essential. We have gone to great effort to develop an Estate Planning Software section into iINVENTORYpro that includes a Legacy Box, making it quick, easy, secure, and accessible from *anywhere in the world, and only to those people you put on your secure access list.

While we have competitors that sell an actual box to store your Estate’s Legacy Information that cost from near a $100 for their smaller version to almost $1000 for their larger version, we are well aware that these can be destroyed in a flood or fire, or even stolen and viewed by thieves.  Our Estate Planning Software’s Legacy Box is designed to be accessible from *anywhere.  This is a huge benefit, saving relatives from potentially making costly flights to view the contents.  Also, since it’s digital, it will remain unharmed by any perils a home might encounter, and has high levels of security for your information’s safety.  Why pay all that extra money when you can have it for free, since it is already included in our Inventory software at no additional charge?

Much more capability and much less expense: that is the value proposition that iINVENTORYpro offers.

Having an Estate Plan stored in your iINVENTORYpro Estate Planning Software’s Legacy Box is one of the best ways to say “I love you” to your family. It allows authorized members of your family to have access to this important information from virtually anywhere in the world.

Yes, as Benjamin Franklin indicated, departing to the “hereafter” is an inevitable certainty for each and everyone of us.  To keep it on the lighter side and put it in modern terms: “Nobody gets out alive”.

So, what about that Legacy that you have taken a lifetime to build, or that you are working on right now?  The reality is one day it will pass to the next generation.

Unfortunately, statistics show that many families aren’t prepared for that loss.

  • Is your family going to face the loss of a loved one without being prepared with the information found in our Estate Planning Software’s Legacy Box?
  • Although the loss of a loved one is painful, are you aware that being unprepared can also result in significant and very painful financial losses to your Estate, … the Estate that you took a lifetime to build?
  • Did you know that being unprepared can quickly result in very time consuming administration costs and duties that either you will have to perform, or you will have to hire someone else to perform?
  • Do you hope to pass on a Legacy to your family?
  • When your Estate passes to the next generation, do you want it to be as easy and as peaceful a transition for your loved ones as possible?

With the help of iINVENTORYpro’s Estate Planning section, and the guidance of your legal representative, these matters can be taken care of quickly and easily in advance.

Information stored in your iINVENTORYpro Estate Planning Legacy Box (digital) can include:

  • Named Executor/Executrix/Attorney
  • Wills and Trust Documents
  • Estate Plan
  • Executive Summary
  • Legacy Letters and personal short videos
  • Birth Certificates, Social Security Cards, Marriage Certificate and Passports
  • Insurance Information:  auto, homeowner’s, renter’s, health, long-term care,

identity theft protection and life insurance

  • Power of Attorney Forms, Durable Power of Attorney Forms
  • Funeral Instructions/Arrangements
  • Financial Accounts Inventory
  • Safe Deposit Box location and Contents Inventory
  • Monthly Budget
  • Tax Returns
  • Retirement Accounts
  • Market and Mutual Fund Accounts
  • College Funds
  • Rental Property Summary
  • Home Ownership Records, Deeds
  • Car Titles
  • Passwords and Combinations

Simply gather the documents in the list, one by one, and upload them into your Estate Planning Legacy Box.  Work at your own pace to methodically gather and store each item.  Include where the actual paper document is stored, for example: your Will, (in your safe deposit box). Having all these documents quickly accessible provides peace of mind to you, and incredible value to your family.

It should be noted, some items, like your Will, require the actual document or a signed and notarized copy of the document.  Consult your legal advisor.

Having these important documents in place is vitally important to securing your family’s future.
Let your love shine through even after you are gone by compiling this important information in your iINVENTORYpro Estate Planning Software Legacy Box.  While spending a lifetime to build a legacy for your family is a beautiful and Godly thing, the next most important act of love that your family needs is for you to ensure an Estate Planning  Software Legacy Box is prepared.

* Internet access needed to log on to account.