Estate Planning Documentation and Organization


Estate Planning Documentation and Organization

Tragedy strikes when we least expect it, and it’s inevitable. Complete your home inventory management system faster than ever with us! Whether it’s estate planning documentation or securing all of your possessions, we’re here to help. Save your valuable time, money, and your valuable possessions with out-of-the-box solutions far more effective than a mediocre life insurance plan. Secure your future today!

Each business needs impeccable inventory management for numerous reasons. A simple inventory management software is not sufficient enough to meet the needs of your business. What you need is a fresh pair of eyes and an entire team of experts working for you, using various ecommerce inventory management software.

A business needs good inventory management for many reasons: meeting product demand variations, meeting seasonal demand; taking advantage of bulk orders pricing; handling high-demand items, and more. So let us help you take your inventory management to the next level with our expertise and experience. Doing so will help you make the right decisions more easily and convert your business into a money-making machine.

Here are a few reasons why you need iINVENTORYpro.

  • Perform all inventory management operations within a few clicks
  • More efficient than a simple inventory system for small business
  • Store this important information online, where it’s safe and always accessible
  • Always keep track of the value of your assets with our inventory tracking software
  • Make the best of your insurance investment

Living in the 21st century, we have a lot more stuff than we need, and we need to keep it all safe. The best way to handle this modern-day challenge is to keep the documentation of all our possessions safe and easily accessible.

We know how to use effective stock management software to manage all your inventories. We hold the expertise to make use of warehouse inventory management software in the best manner for your benefit.

iINVENTORYpro lets you do that by:

  • Making the inventory management process easy and fun
  • Storing all the information on a secure online platform
  • Keeping everything organized and easy to find
  • Keeping all your receipts, warranty information, and instruction manuals at your fingertips.

New Found Wealth and Peace of Mind, Simply by Organizing Your Estate Plan

Are you aware that you will have new found wealth AND “peace of mind’, simply by organizing your estate plan? This concept is similar to several well-known courses that teach the proper handling of household money for financial success. However, instead of dealing with how you handle money, now it is time to deal with how you manage and organize your estate plan. For true peace of mind, you deserve the advantage of both.
Organizational peace comes with being prepared, but in this fast paced world, some say there really isn’t time for that. They are just too busy. Some hope that eventually everything in their estate will just naturally fall into place.
Well, as much as we all wish that were true, that is very far from what happens in real life. In this complex world of today, many families today are dealing with the hardships of a disorganized estate, or maybe no estate plan documentation at all. Being prepared in regard to Estate Planning, both with everyday living, as well as handling the untimely passing of a loved one or the bread winner, is hugely important and shouldn’t be overlooked. Don’t let what has unfortunately happened to others without an Estate Plan happen to you:
  • Can’t find the will or trust,
  • Don’t know what the important passwords are to access accounts and information,
  • Don’t know where and how many life insurance policies there are,
  • Have no pictures and documentation for potentially valuable art, collectables, family keepsakes and heirlooms, or jewelry,
  • And can’t find important Warranty/Extended Warranty Information for items like an appliance, camera, or large screen TV.  Unfortunately, this research is left to be completed by surviving family members who must now act as a private eye in a family TV mystery episode.  When this happens many things are overlooked, undervalued, or disappear.

That is one of the many important reasons we developed a web-based computer program called with a compatible full featured Smart Phone Application.  So whether you like to use your computer, your iPad or surface Computer, or prefer your Android or Apple smart phone,  or any combination of these devices, makes it fast and fun. It is guaranteed to help you achieve a comparable level of organization at least 10 times faster than other more conventional methods.  It is also comforting to know that it is capable of doing much, much more for you.

Now, to be sure, every person, family, and business has different needs, but the good news is that the methods used to be organized and prepared are the same for everyone:

document the item, topic, or problem and include the information necessary to quickly fix it or solve the problem.
That information will be invaluable to you in the future, or to those in your family or circle of life that inevitably will face the same problem again. In many cases it will save you the cost of a service call from a repairman like an electrician or plumber; and it is a given it will save you (or someone) a huge amount of time trouble shooting something you have already solved in the past and therefore have the solution to, but without this quick reference documentation, just can’t remember how you did it. In other more financially substantial cases, and this should definitely get your attention, it may result in over a $100,000 more awarded to you for a home insurance policy claim or for a life insurance policy that may of otherwise been forgotten.
Baby steps, one step after the other, by using, will change what may appear a mountain of work, into a fast and easy process. Quickly and efficiently get it done.
Don’t work Harder, instead, work Smarter, …, and that means faster and easier with the’s program built-in automation to document your own important information.
Learn how this will bear the fruits of New Found Wealth that many let slip through their fingers. Our methods enable you to save time, and achieve wealth from many things you have been paying for for years. Your new found wealth is a by-product of your newly established Organizational Peace. It will not only continue to save you lots of time, but it will continue to provide you continuous returns to the wealth of your Estate, even better than speculating on several so-called blue chip investments.
How? Well, of course, we’ll give you some examples of small value and large value uses. The good news is you get to choose how much you want to use he program, since there are many applications for which you can use this powerful yet simple program. Even better news is you can take “baby steps” to start, and then when you see how many advantages there are to using the program, how quick it is, and how much fun it is, well then the sky is the limit.
The Lifetime Warranty on the garden hose, the 10-year warranty on the garden hose sprayer, the 25 year warranty on the caulk, the Lifetime Warranty for the finish on the door knobs on the house, or the extended warranty on the Hi-Definition TV, are just the beginning.

Another example:

  • True story: The dishwasher breaks. One spouse says its under warranty, the other says no way, so the first agrees and doesn’t pursue the warranty.  They have no idea where the warranty is or where the copy of the receipt is, and dread of looking for them for  hours, or days, or possibly never finding them ends the discussion.
  • But wait, in this true story the dishwasher was still under warranty and you quickly verify that because you have it in your inventory. Many without iINVENTORYpro would have been paying the repairman his minimum $75 fee, and in a worst case scenario said the washer would cost $400 to repair the old dishwasher, which couldn’t be worth repairing, so add that to the unnecessary wasted time time to picket a new dishwasher and install for around $500, that you really didn’t need to spend. Yuke!   You are our $575. But like I said, the repair instead was free because it was under warranty.  Instead of guessing about it, in just a few seconds, CLICK,CLICK, and Shazam, there it is, all the information you need!  Thank you!

The many capabilities of the system allow you to use it all, or pick and choose.  But the power of this system and its program and App’s go on to as many things that you choose to us it for, or not use it for, from the big things to even the little things, that are also very important:

Where’s the Septic Tank located, where are the solenoid valves for the irrigation system, what do I do if some circuit breaker or GFI breaker pops.  Now these can all be quickly and easily documented with pictures or videos, or both, and in a few clicks accessed as an easy reference.

We realize there are many people ho already know the importance of some of these things and have one or to of them covered. That’s good because it shows you realize the importance of this, but this system is applicable to many, many things, not just one or two, and gives you worldwide access, built in time saving automated features, and low, economical cost.
Being prepared and having the resultant peace of mind comes from having the tough questions answered:
Where’s the Will or Trust document?
Where is the warranty?
Where is the inventory and receipts?
It comes from quick and easy access to important documents, warranties, property management information, Estate information, Business information, etc.

In an software subscription, you can go step by step to provide an easy way of complete a comprehensive and well-organized overview of your Estate. 

  • How to complete an INVENTORY
  • How to setup your Property and multiple properties
  • How to setup Beneficiaries and designate specific items to those beneficiaries
  • How to include Warranties
  • How to setup Reminder Emails
  • How to store pictures, documents, videos,
  • How to fill-out the various Estate tabs

It’s not a need or a want. It’s a necessity!

Closing thought:

The money and assets of an Estate are like manure:

Leave it in a big disorganized pile and it stinks, yet spread it around and organize it a little and things will grow, not to mention your estate’s financial value will be enhanced, and your loved ones will be very appreciative of your loving directions left for them after your passing.


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